Cleveland and Cleveland

Cleveland, England Cleveland is a city in Ohio in the United States, but Cleveland is a region in Britain that was formerly a county. It’s easy to get the two confused. You’ve probably encountered this phenomenon before: two towns with the exact same name! Whether it be Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain or Newcastle, Australia … Continue reading Cleveland and Cleveland

The Two Hour Presidency

It is no secret that many presidents served shorter terms than others, usually for unfortunate reasons. However, one president served for only two hours before being relieved of their duties. Five years later, they were put back in the Oval Office for another two hours. You can click on the title to learn more!

The Modern Stonehenge(s)

Many cities have days when the Sun aligns perfectly with their streets, resulting in many beautiful spectacles. These events, from Manhattanhenge to Torontohenge, all rival Stonehenge when it comes to the best places to visit on the Summer and Winter Solstices. You can click the title to learn more!

The Onions of Bermuda

Image From "Bolgiano's "Greater Baltimore" Tomato" (1908) | Every country and most territories have a demonym for themselves, i.e. a name for inhabitants of their area. For example, inhabitants of Canada are Canadians. As for Bermuda, though their people are often just called Bermudians, another demonym is popular. Bermudians are often called Onions, especially by themselves in a patriotic sense. Bermudians are proud of their history relating to their wondrous onions. You can click the title to learn more!

The Cult-Led Theocratic Dictatorship Town

Rajneeshpuram’s relative location in Oregon from Sannyas Wiki Introduction While many towns have declared independence, been invaded by polar bears or a drunken citizen, no town’s individual history can match that of Rajneeshpuram in rural Oregon; a town which, while run by a theocratic cult leader dictator, invaded nearby areas and gained a weird form … Continue reading The Cult-Led Theocratic Dictatorship Town

The US’s Crazy Plans to Invade Everywhere – Even Canada

The US was fully ready to take on Canada..and possibly the rest of the British Empire The colored war plans were developed in the crazy times of the 1920s and 1930s and focused on the hypothetical American invasion of a lot of places, including some of the US’s allies. If history had turned a different … Continue reading The US’s Crazy Plans to Invade Everywhere – Even Canada